Sunday, 20 October 2013

I'm sure this one's right?!

Depending who you speak too, ‘Street Cred’ apparently means a lot to a birder so I’d better try to redeem myself and put on a photo of an actual Yellow-legged Gull which was a feeble reward for a days worth of gull watching. I would actually describe this bird as stunning!

It’s a cracker isn’t it! Found this one on my first scan of the morning which lead to think that it might not be the first of the day but it was. Given that I’ve not got a picture of another Yellow-legged Gull I’d better post another of the same bird. This time flaunting it’s wing pattern and sexy arm pit. Gotta love those underwing coverts!

Just so this blog doesn’t get samey, here’s a shot of a different gull species. It still has yellowish legs though...

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