Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Dorset Moth Fair??!

Spent the day working at the Dorset Bird Fair over at Durlston Country Park. Birds were certainly in evidence but I must admit that the moths really made the day for me! Asides from a brief snatch of Richard’s Pipits call, a Hobby leaving Dorset was probably the best avian event. Yesterdays mothing efforts produced a couple of Crimson Speckled, a species which has been popping up at several spots over the last week or so. This has made me really want to see one so imagine my disappointment when there were none in the traps this morning! However, a rather excited BTO staff member came back from a stroll saying he’d seen a Crimson Speckled just a hundred or so yards away! Would it stay put though....

Well, that picture suggests strongly that it did... They are a pretty rare sight in this country with most probably originating from southern Europe or even north Africa! These southerly winds over the last few days certainly would have been responsible for this pretty stunning moth to make it to Dorset.

It was enjoyed by lots of visitors to the fair as was this beast. Another scare visitor to our shores.

A Convolvulus Hawk-moth, which is a fairly scarce immigrant moth though much more regular in the UK than the Crimson Speckled.

It was a great weekend and thanks to all over at Durlston for running such a good event!

Also, just a quick message to everyone who's moaned, had a go, or just politely asked about the water levels at Radipole. They are now nice and low and there's loads of mud. Just a Black-tailed Godwit enjoying it this evening but at least it's a start!

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