Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Cheers Katia!

After this mornings deluge, the weather cleared up nicely leaving almost clear blue skies. This obviously gave local birders an opportunity to get out and look for anything that had been thrown in by the lovely Hurricane Katia. Somebody obviously struck gold and found 2 juv Buff breasted Sandpipers in a field somewhere near White Nothe just outside of Weymouth. It’s quite a find as the field was pretty big and even though I knew they were in there somewhere, it still took a bit of time to find them. Once I got onto them I set up the scope just in time to see a crow flush both birds and sent them skyward! Didn’t have the camera handy which was a shame as they flew past fairly close which could have resulted in a half decent flight shot but this was all I managed!

After about 15 minutes searching two small waders flew into view. Chances are they were the buff breasts and indeed they were. This time they were close enough for a half decent photograph.

Hopefully these are the first of several ‘yanks’ to turn up in Dorset this year. Pec Sand at Radipole this week I reckon or maybe even a Red necked Stint at Ferrybridge. Anything could happen!

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