Tuesday, 6 September 2011

It's a bit breezy!

Today’s forecast was for strong winds and we certainly got them! Gusts of over 50mph have been occurring throughout the day which was bound to bring something good in. It came in the form of a Sabine’s Gull over at Abbotsbury Swannery and even better news was that it was settled on a pool in one of the meadows. Quick as we could, Steve and myself got over there to be greeted by the site of a pool but no Sabs Gull! We must have missed it by minutes. There were a few Arctic Terns about though which is a species I haven’t seen at the swannery before. Got back home and had some lunch when I a text about another Sabine’s Gull but this time down at Ferrybridge. So off I went again and this time got lucky!

After about 5 minutes the bird moved off presumably back into the bay where 2 more were seen later in the afternoon.
I must apologies as I said yesterday that I would not post about Gulls again but hopefully you’ll forgive as this is a gull species you don’t see very often especially sitting just metres away from a car park!

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