Sunday, 11 September 2011

Its not just for boy racers

In the evenings its usually idiots in their supped up Corsa’s that frequent the Swannery car park in Weymouth but this autumn theirs a new kid on the block. The Yellow Wagtail.

These little vandals have been needlessly adding colour to an already fine looking car park. In winter Pied Wagtails use the car park as a pre-roost and that’s fine as they are black, white and grey which blends in beautifully with the tarmac. Thankfully, Yellow Wags will be a distant memory soon as they will all be well on route at Africa where they will fit in much better.

Hopefully you realise I am joking and its actually quite amazing to see these birds using a car park in the middle of town to bath before roosting! Thought I’d say that just in case...

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