Thursday, 27 October 2011

A gull with yellow legs

I’ve mentioned Yellow-legged Gulls quite a bit over the last few months, probably to the point that bores people to death. But this one has actually got yellow legs, well just about. This 3rd winter bird was hanging around Radipole Lake yesterday. Ages other than juvs and 1st winters are quite unusual at Radipole so this one was a nice surprise. Perhaps it was seeking refuge after listening to the Jeremy Vine show yesterday where people were phoning up suggesting that we shoot every gull in the UK and stamp on any nest you come across. Surely it’s these people who were whinging about gulls are partly to blame for the increase of urban gulls. Landfill and rubbish on the streets all contribute to the problem plus other issues such as over fishing has caused gull numbers to decrease on the coast which has resulted in gulls having to look elsewhere for food! Rant over... enjoy the lovely gull pictures.

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