Thursday, 27 October 2011

Some more pics from Lundy

I thought I’d stick a few more picture from Lundy as I am bored and its pouring with rain which has ruined my day off.
First up is a Firecrest. Saw surprisingly few of these one the trip and this was the only one we came across in the nets.

This ‘cold’ looking Chiffchaff caught a few peoples eye. We saw a possibly ‘tristis’ type earlier in the day so not sure if this was the same one or another easterny type Chiffchaff thing.

Redwings didn’t feature as much as we’d hoped though we obviously got some as I wouldn’t have any pictures if we didn’t! Everyone we caught had swabs taken. We took samples from the feet and flank looking for Sudden Oak Death. This disease apparently comes into from Scandinavia and this study is to see if our winter thrushes bring it in with them.

Computer has now decided its had enough and doesn't want load anymore pictures so this lots will have to do.

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