Sunday, 2 October 2011

I am still alive!

Just thought I’d better put something on here to show that I am still alive and out birding and ringing. Been at Clouds Hill several times over the last week but the weather conditions haven’t been exactly good to grounding migrants. The overhead passage has been quite spectacular with one day producing over 1500 Meadow Pipits plus a few Tree Pipit still mixed in. The highlight of that morning however was a Richards Pipit that flew over at about 9:00 before disappearing over the ridge heading east.
A species that’s featured quite a lot this week has been Dunnock. Most people don’t think of these as being migratory but I’ve caught a lot of new birds this week and have re-trapped very few. I really hope I get a recovery from one of these to reveal where they are going. Another perhaps more known migrant has started moving through. Song Thrush has started to appear which hopefully means the first Redwing is just around the corner. I know autumns really here when I hear Redwings calling overhead at night.
Today’s session was probably the quietest I’ve had at Clouds Hill. Very few migrants grounded except a few Chiffchaff and Blackcap. A female Sparrowhawk was a good catch though and I’ll post some pictures soon.

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