Thursday, 13 October 2011

Redpoll Ringing

I have been ringing at clouds hill for well over a month without the joy of catching a control. All that changed today when I turned my attention to Redpoll. A few started moving overhead first thing followed by steady numbers through the morning. Managed to catch 11 of them one being a control! All the birds were Lesser Redpoll (as you’d expect) with birds moving from the west heading east. Overhead passage generally was steady though I didn’t do any counting today. A single yellowhammer that stopped briefly on a nearby bush as nice and a Corn bunting over was probably the highlight.

Grounded migrants were limited with just a few Goldcrest and Chiffchaff caught, though at nearby Abbotsbury Swannery a Yellow browed Warbler was found. That gives me a nice opportunity to introduce yet another local blog, . Steve Groves works and lives very close to Abbotsbury Swannery and birds it most days.
Finally before I shoot off to the Swannery to have a look for the warbler I should mention a superb looking Pied Wagtail Steve Hales and myself caught last night at Weymouth port. Its probably the piedest Pied Wagtail I’ve seen! 
(anyone recognise the background? thought it would make a nice backdrop!)

This could potentially be my last post for a week or so as Saturday morning I am off to Lundy for a weeks ringing. Will take a Laptop and see if I get any internet signal but I am not too hopeful!

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