Friday, 7 October 2011

Paranoid about Waders!

Why hasn’t Weymouth had an American wader? I know that we had a Stilt Sand back in the summer but during this rather large influx of near-arctic waders we’ve had nought. Three (or possibly 4) Buff breasted Sands just outside of Weymouth was the nearest they came.
Water levels have been low at Radipole lake over the last few days and every wader that has dropped in has got me scrutinising every detail on it. Monday morning a small calidrid dropped in though was rather distant. It looked small but details I could see were limited. I then tried to get another birder onto it but it disappeared whilst I was doing so. This left me very frustrated and annoyed as this could be the wader we were waiting for! Thankfully, yesterday a small wader appeared outside the visitor centre. Just a little stint unfortunately and not then rare American wader I’d hoped. It did however put my mind to rest, as this was more than likely the bird from Monday.

Later yesterday, I found myself quizzing birders who came back from North hide who had been watching two Dunlin. Not convinced by experienced birders I went looking in the evening but just one Dunlin was present! So what was the other one. Surely something will turn up but times rapidly running out. So if the ornithological gods are reading this, PLEASE SEND SOMETHING OUR WAY!


  1. I feel for you mate so won't tell you what I saw upon returning to Scilly today!