Monday, 31 October 2011

Last one for the Larus Lovers

This is now the third post in a row and if I remember rightly the last time I was barking on about gulls on this blog it ended up with a post about a Caspian Gull. Well, guess what. Here’s another gull post (for a few week or two at least!) about a Caspo. Today started with a couple of Yellow-legged Gulls, then another Yellow-legged Gull and then another Yellow-legged Gull. If you haven’t seen enough on this blog already here are a few more Yellow-legged Gull pictures. I promise not say Yellow-legged Gull again!

Minutes after Dave Chown and myself finished looking at a gull with yellow legs (or at least it will in about three year’s time) this fantastic creature appeared out of nowhere!

Managed to miss this bird at the weekend and I missed another one when I was out on Lundy so I was pretty made up after seeing this fine example of a 1st winter Caspian Gull.

I promise I’ll find something else to blog about soon unless a gull that betters a Caspian Gull turns up!

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