Monday, 30 May 2011

Cuckoo Food

Yesterday evening was spent back out on the Lulworth Army Ranges where we needed to ring that last of this years tit pulli. As the evening went on we noticed that the wind was slowly dropping so perhaps another nightjar or two was on the cards?? Whilst having a pre dusk wonder we noticed this monster!

Its an Oak Eggar caterpillar which was wondering around on one of the tank tracks. I think I am right in thinking that Cuckoos are able to eat quite large hairy caterpillars though I suspect this fella is a little to big! Whilst on the subject of Cuckoo, I had a very frustrating near miss not long after setting the net up ready for Nightjars. A cuckoo landed nearby and called a few times. Next thing I see is the net suddenly move and what looked the cuckoo flying back in opposite direction! So close!!!! Once it got a little darker a few nightjars started to chur but disappeared fairly quickly and never came anywhere near a net. Was nice though being out there, woodlark were singing all over the place plus Yellowhammer carrying food. It really is a special place.
Must thank Maureen for taking the pics as I managed to forget my camera. Here’s a superb picture of a woodlark taken with Maureen compact camera!

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