Friday, 13 May 2011

Reely Frustrating!

A Savi's Warbler was discovered singing at RSPB Lodmoor yesturday or the day before, or possibly even the day before that depending who you speak too but regardless of when it originally turned up it was still reeling away like a good-un when I turned up lunchtime yesterday lunchtime. I heard it which was all I was expecting to acheive as an evening visit was going to be in order to try to obtain a view.

As you probably know, Savi's Warblers can be very elusive which describes this individual perfectly. It looked like I wasn't going to get a view until after 3 hours and 10 minutes waiting Ken Tucker who was standing next to me shouted a few select words and very kindly got me onto the bird. It turns out that it was a lifer for both of us, so a huge thanks to Ken for allowing me to look through his scope so quickly! It was fortunate that I got onto it quickly as it soon disappeared. It sounded great though which I was going to demonstrate with a video clip that refuses to upload! Will try again at some point.

I actually wrote this post earlier this afternoon and since then an interesting development has occurred. It seems that Mr Savi's is ringed! So its either the Slapton bird from a month or so ago, or we have a rather nice control to be had!?

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