Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Ducking 'ell

It was only the other day I was talking to someone about the lack of Garganey at Radipole this spring, so it’s quite timely for a pair to show up at the north pool this morning. I only went down the hide to stick up some posters but obviously took the bins for a quite squint at the Harriers and/or Kingfishers. I asked another birder if there’d been anything about. He replied ‘no, it’s really quiet.’ The quietness was soon broken by the sound of calling Garganey which showed themselves briefly before disappearing into the rush. Garganey must be on the verge of breeding at Radipole, there’s now so much suitable habitat you could probably fit an army of Garganey on the reserve. By the way, if you know the actual collective noun for Garganey I’d be keen to know, it’s obviously not an army! I went back down the hide this evening and was treated to some great views of the pair plus some bonus Kingfisher chick feeding action. Here are a few pics.

 This poor excuse for a Duck decided that I couldn’t take anymore photos of the Garganey and sent them packing.

Luckily the female came back for one last picture, ain’t she a stunner. I think the drakes get far too much attention hence why I’ve opted for another picture of the duck.

I struggle these days not to add a Marsh Harrier picture on me blog, so here’s another of the male taken this morning.

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