Friday, 20 May 2011

Look at the legs at that!!

Thought I’d quickly post a few picture from today to get them out of the way ready for another post later on this evening (with a bit of luck). This mornings lie-in was rudely interrupted by a text saying that there was a Black winged Stilt at the visitor centre at Radipole! This very quickly woke me up and got me throwing on some clothes and heading out the door. Hopefully nobody noticed that I was wearing odd socks this morning!

As you can see from the pictures, I saw the bird and it stayed on the island for a few hours. By about 10:30 it had moved off presumably it got a little peckish and went off to find a nice muddy area. It has yet to be discovered at Lodmoor so I wonder if it’s headed off to the fleet.

Also about this morning near the centre was these juvy Bearded tits which are the first ones at Radipole this year so far.

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