Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Yet another Lifer!

Though this time not of the avian variety. It was a Duke of Burgundy Butterfly which is a pretty scarce species in the UK. It’s very localised and where ever they occur they tend to be in quite low densities which in turn make the insects tricky to find. Yesterday morning I found out that there had been a sighting of Duke of Burgundy at Cerne Abbas (apparently not a renowned site for this species??) so as the weather was decent I gave it a shot. There certainly wasn’t a shortage of butterflies though finding the target species wasn’t going to be easy.
To pass the time there were hundreds of these. They are Marsh Fritillaries by the way.

Also had the pleasure of having an Adonis Blue sit on my hand!

Here’s another Adonis Blue

Just for comparison here’s a Common Blue.

And here is a shot of a male Adonis Blue ab. Krodeli I think!! Don’t know how scarce this is but lovely to see.
Grizzled Skipper
Dingy Skipper. No prizes for guessing why its called dingy!
Brown Argus
And after nearly three hours of searching I finally came across one of these.

I didn’t get much of a chance to photograph it as it disappeared fairly quickly but it was there long enough to get a few extra shots.

There was also one or two birds around as far as I could tell, including this Grey Wagtail that had a family somewhere nearby.

I really must apologies for the picture overload. I promise next time I’ll just post one or two.

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